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Brunch in Dillinger’s, Ranelagh

Another shout out to a deservedly popular Ranelagh restaurant: Dillinger’s. First flagged by our friend and regular commenter Rebecca, I recently included it as an “honourable mention” in a post on Ireland’s best customer service.

That wasn’t really fair. When it comes to customer service, Dillinger’s, which serves “American inspired” food, deserves more than an “also-ran” tag. On a recent, painful Sunday, we enjoyed a very happy brunch in this delightful, friendly, and delicious spot, served with smiles and banter from a happy and obliging waitress. The rest of the staff were equally likeable.

And the food is just as good. I went for the Corned Beef Hash, a generous serving of tender, crumbling beef mixed with tasty fried potatoes, and served with eggs and an instantly addictive portion of Boston beans. I didn’t want the egg so they offered chips instead – and these are really, really good: thin and crispy and fluffy.

The cheesecake. Oh the cheesecake. Oh the baked New York honeycomb and hazelnut cheesecake, drizzled with sweet and topped with caramel sauce and cream. I’ve fallen in love with this cake.

Dillinger’s isn’t the cheapest of the cheap – a glass of perfectly balanced lemonade costs €4 and desserts are around the €6-7  mark – but, more or less, it falls into the “worth every cent” category.

It’s the type of restaurant you’d happily go back to instead of trying other places.

  • There’s a good offer every Monday night in Dillinger’s: southern fried chicken with smoky baked beans, coleslaw, and fries for €14. Suspicions of deliciousness and good value abound. There’s also a happy hour deal – all alcoholic drinks half price – on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5.30 to 6.45pm.


  1. Oh yay! I’m delighted you liked it. They’re super lovely and that cheesecake is outstanding. Another one to try on the brunch menu is their Norwegian Eggs, I always go with the intention of ordering something different but they’re just too delicious. 😀

  2. I’ve been to brunch at Dillinger’s before. I’m vegan, and went with two meat eaters, and was told there were absolutely no substitutions/alterations allowed to the menu at brunch (I was hoping for mushrooms on toast or something, nothing out of the ordinary, using ingredients they had on the menu). I ended up with just chips.

  3. Had the special on Monday night. Far too much food and none of our party finished theirs – but I did take it away in a doggie box!

  4. I went for brunch here a couple of weekends ago – it’s really so good. I had delicious smoked salmon hash, and they were very accommodating and nice about doing half portions for a child. It’s one of the best brunch spots around, I think.