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  1. I’m a big fan of the larder. Thanks for reviewing it. They also do a good value 2 course lunch, think its 2 courses for 10.95. I recently had lunch in ‘From Mexico to Rome’ in Temble Bar where they have 2 courses plus a glass of wine for 8.95 during the week & 9.95 at the weekend. It was quite tasty, and wine was yum, plus extra glasses were moreishly priced at €3! Check it out.
    Also hope its OK to suggest this, but I’d really like to see a piece on BYOB restaurants, theres a few around & Im wondering do they really help you save money & whats the food like. Anyway, just a suggestion. Thanks!

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks, and of course it’s okay, suggestions very welcome. I know Keshk in Donnybrook and Bistro Spice in Monkstown are BYOB but I’ll look into a few other places and do a feature on this in the next few weeks 🙂

  3. Seagrass in Portobello also do BYOB

  4. Hi Peter,

    Have just read the cheapeats review on KeshK as it just came up in google. I hear its very hard to get a table though, which makes me think that theres a market for BYOB restaurants. Doing a feature would be fab! Thanks so much!

  5. Cafe Bliss on Montague St and Cafe Rotana in Portobello are both BYOB with no corkage too.

  6. Little Jerusalem in Rathmines (Wynnefield Road) is BYO and very reasonable