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M&S: Roast dinner for two for €7

Another great deal from M&S: a roast dinner for two, with potatoes and two types of vegetables, for just €7. We’ve written about it on the site before, and it’s highly recommended.

The deal includes a choice of honey roast ham, smoky BBQ pork, or a turkey breast, and it runs until Wednesday November 9. There’s Sunday dinner sorted for the next two weeks.

Thanks to Nadia for sending on the information.


  1. We got the pork belly in a spicy and sticky soy covering. Beautiful. It is normally 7.29 so we got our potatoes and veg free. Very simple easy but super tasty sunday roast. I even love that you roast the meat in the tray it came in, so no horrible washing up.

  2. I’ve had that pork belly before Laine, it really is delicious.