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A Blog About Crisps

A Blog About Crisps does exactly what it says on the tin – their mission statement is:  “Reviewing as many different types of crisp as possible until we run out of varieties or die from doing so” – but it also does quite a bit more. I’m really enjoying the dry humour of their writing and laughed out loud at deadpan tips like: “instead of spending money on expensive olive oil or rapeseed oil why not use crisps as a healthy, cheap alternative”.

They recently reviewed the exciting-looking new King/Burdocks Salt and Vinegar crisps, and they also scooped many other food writers by securing this exclusive interview with Gregg Wallace of Masterchef:

A Blog About Crisps is highly recommended, especially if you want to spend loads more time thinking about crisps.


  1. I too am excited by the idea of Burdock’s salt and vinegar crisps from King. But I haven’t been able to find them.

  2. Found them the other day, slightly underwhelmed, seems paying that bit extra to have incredibly crunchy crisps, nearly broke a tooth!