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Everything you need to know for Easter: egg offers, lamb deals, and recipes

Forget the Easter eggs. Easter is for roast LAMB.

Does anybody pay full price for Easter eggs any more? Almost every supermarket seems to have them on special these days; as I noted last year, if you buy them at full price, you’re officially a chump.

I’m not a massive fan of Easter egg chocolate. Firstly, the mass-produced Cadbury/ Nestle/ Mars eggs are kind of rank. Second, the excessive packaging sends me on a big long rant. Third, chocolate doesn’t matter (there, I said it): the traditional centre-piece of an Easter get-together should be a lamb dish – ideally roast lamb.


SuperValu has an Easter lamb deal, with 33 per cent off the lamb leg (butcher counter only: was €14.49 per kg, now €9.71 per kg). Aldi have a great lamb offer, with a leg costing just €6.49 per kg: the deal is available this Tuesday. Check out my recipe for roast lam marinaded in red wine, rosemary, rock salt, garlic, and lemon from last year, or go for Jacqui’s Slow Roasted Lamb with a Rosemary, Lemon, Garlic and Anchovy Crust. Aldi’s lamb is cheap, and delicious.

Egg offers

Despite my griping, I’ll still be miffed if I don’t get at least one bundle of chocolate in some format. I’ve noticed that a new trend is creeping in over the past decade or so: instead of giving Easter eggs, people are giving Easter presents. My sister gave our nephew a load of cans of Coke instead of eggs, because he doesn’t really eat chocolate. I’ve seen other people give money.

M&S Belgian chocolate egg

The egg tradition, of course, has nothing to do with the death and resurrection of Jesus and everything to do with the commercialisation of an old Germanic custom whereby a hare brought decorated eggs to children in honour of an ancient pagan fertility festival which later became appropriated by Christianity –

Ahem. Anyway… There’s some great deals on this year. Nestle, Cadbury and Mars easter eggs are gross, so I’m inclined to go for Lindt or M&S chocolate. As well as being delicious, both use significantly less packaging than some of the big brands, and M&S has some great alternatives, such as mini chocolate eggs and a chocolate bunny. Maybe I’m just a sucker for their food ads, which make me drop everything and wake up thirty seconds later in a pool of my own drool. How gross.

Some other options if you’re so inclined:

  • Mars/ Nestle/ Cadbury large eggs – all half price at Dunnes Stores until April 8
  • Lindt Gold bunny – two for €6 at SuperValu (€3.79 each)
  • Cadbury/ Mars/ Nestle medium eggs – three for €5 at SuperValu and Superquinn
  • Superquinn hot cross buns , freshly baked instore – six for €2
  • Large Cadbury/ Mars/ Nestle Easter eggs – half price at Tesco €3.99 each

Will you give eggs as presents this Easter, or are they all for yourself? Or is it all about the lamb, bam, thank you ma’am? And a very happy Easter  weekend to you.


  1. What, no Green & Blacks or Leonidas?! Easter is not the same without smoked haddock on Good Friday and feed of G&B and/or Leonidas on Sunday. Burp.

  2. Claire!!! Where have you been? 🙂 I do like the Green & Black’s eggs, partial to a big fancy Butler’s egg in an unnecessary basket full of straw and purple paper too, even as I bleat on about the environment.

  3. Claire, just for you, a smoked haddock chowder recipe. It’s been a while since I’ve made this…

  4. Awww, it’s nice to be missed 😀

  5. As I’ve been off chocolate for Lent, I think I’d be happy with a slab of Scotbar cooking chocolate come Easter morning. As it is, though, I’ll be getting two small Cadbury’s eggs. These were selected, as there is no plastic in the packaging!

    I won’t be buying Easter presents, but I’ll be making some homemade eggs, and I’ll be trying my hand at a few of these (shredded wheat is less yummy, but more realistic than flake):

  6. I got loads ‘for the kids’ at Aldi, they are yummy and much cheaper than the bigger brands. And they have far less packaging too. For a real treat, we will visit Benoit Lodge’s shop and factory in Kenmare, it’s not cheap but excellent quality and much cheaper than a weekend at the spa or even a night out. For people in Dublin, the Cocoa Atelier is every chocoholic’s dream.
    Actually, these 2 might even turn out much better value than the cheap eggs than no one really likes anyway and end up chopped up in cookies for weeks after Easter

  7. Ooh, will definitely be getting some Lindt bunnies, it’s been years since I’ve treated myself at Easter. Possibly because I treat myself to chocolate on a daily basis.

  8. Tasted the aldi ‘lindt-esque’ bunnies and they were very delicious & comparable in quality to lindt chocolate. They were a good bit cheaper too. Yum!

  9. Yeah I agree re full price eggs – I got 5 eggs for the kids for a tenner in Tesco and a load of eggs to hide around the garden (snow permitting!)! As for dinner – we’re going for Confit Duck from a tin with roast veggies and a left over Christmas pud for dessert!! ..easy option…I’ve been off drink for lent and can’t wait for Sunday!!

  10. There is something very wrong with giving a load of cans of Coke as an Easter present…. 😮

  11. I urge anyone visiting Kenmare to go to Benoit Lorge’s shop and atelier. I bought 3 chocolate bunnies, about 180g each, for a fiver each, and they were yummy! I also got a small bag of assorted chocolates for myself and got talking to Benoit. His chocolates are sold in some Dublin shops (I think he mentioned Donnybrook Fair and Fallon) but they are much dearer than in his shop.

  12. Our local Aldi has been getting lower and lower in granule coffee for the last month or more until finally w/e 21st April they had no instant coffee whatsoever, no cheap, no Columbian (the best of the instants), no de-caf.

    I asked what was the story and I was told that even the main warehouse is totally out of stock. The chap said that he had no idea what was going on but that naturally he hoped it would be sorted soon. He said that as far he knew the situation was the same for all Aldi stores.

    Has anyone heard anything?

  13. Just back from Aldi and there is no coffee in Nutgrove, not even decaff…loads of tea though!