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  1. Oh, we just got a takeaway menu in the door yesterday (which I assume means we’re in the delivery area!) lovely looking menu – I was wondering what the grub was like! Will give it a go.

  2. I’ve eaten both in the restaurant and had it delivered. Can’t fault it. The min pork ribs are fab, in fact, i’ve not had a bad meal from there.

    Can only agree with the review and highly recommend it!

  3. Have to disagree. I’ve even given them a second chance and ordered the minced chicken salad last week. I just think they oversalt and oversugar everything. I keep hearing rave reviews and just don’t understand it… is it me? 🙂

  4. Putting stuff in takeaway container so I can carry it 10 feet and put it in a bowl, and then throw away the container. It isn’t very green. I’m not a fan of this. Yeah, I get all the reasons why it makes it cheap and fast for the owner. They could re-think this a bit.

    Otherwise, yeah, the place is quite good. Nice atmosphere. I’ve eaten there twice. Green duck curry was good. And I had the curry with 4 chillis indicating i is hot, I forget which one it was, and yes, it was very hot. Nicely so. And I’ve shared the starter combo platter. Nice dips came with that.

    Sort out the takeaway containers for people eating in please!

  5. Went back here last week with friends, it really is perfect place for a quick and healthy-ish bite before the pub. Everyone was stuffed, enjoyed what they ate and we didn’t spend a fortune. The soft serve ice cream is a brilliant idea. The takeaway containers irritated me more than the time I went with Jean because, this time, we finished all our food and it felt really wasteful chucking out so many of them (there was a few of us). I do think Neon should reconsider this.