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  1. Oh Rebecca that’s so disappointing I had heard lots of good things about Stolen Pizza. It was on my to eat list along with Paulie’s Pizza and La Cucina such a shame it didn’t live up to the talk.

  2. I have to take issue with your comments on the prices in Kinsale. Kinsale is absolutely cheaper than Dublin for eating out, you even contradict yourself by remarking on how reasonable the lobster was.

    @Kat, you have to try Uncle Petes in Cork too.

  3. Hi Claire, I understand why you took issue but if I didn’t have some sort of caveat there’d likely be someone else saying the meals we had weren’t “cheap eats”. I personally find a lot of the restaurants to be reasonable *because* the food is so great but I think others might find it to be on the expensive side. Either way, if you’re into food you’ll find no better spot! Can’t say enough good about Kinsale.

    Kat, it is a shame about Stolen Pizza but like I said the topping were lovely and it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great either. I’m dying to check out Paulie’s and some of your other recommendations though!

  4. I think what Rebecca was saying was that it was hard to find a ‘cheap eat’ there, which it is, because there are so many high-end restaurants there. I think she and the girls did a good job seek out excellent and reasonable food, proving it can be done and still can be shared on this website. Well written Rebecca – have you also tried Cucina?

  5. Oh thanks Claire will do and I will still give Stolen Pizza a go next time I am there just so I know myself :). I think, like Rebecca was saying, that while Kinsale may not have the cheapest restaurants in the country the quality of food you get is second to none take Fishy Fishy for example, it’s not a cheap eat but it will probably be one of the most amazing fish meals you will ever have. That was def the case for me anyway and I would recommend Kinsale as a foodie destination to anyone who ever wishes to ask!!

  6. I still disagree that it is “tough to find a cheap eat in Kinsale.” Crackpots has a three course early bird menu every night for €25, as do many of the restaurants in Kinsale. Even Fishy Fish has a cheaper cafe that is open lunchtimes for better value.