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  1. I went here a couple of weeks ago with six others and the food was uniformly delicious. And yes, the staff were lovely too. One other enormous positive – for me anyway – that I would be compelled to mention was the fact it’s quiet, and by that I mean the sound is dead. There are no tiled, mirrored or otherwise reflective surfaces. It was nice to be in a restaurant and hear everything that was being said at the table. Huge plus when added to the standard of the grub.

  2. Unrelated to the post but I saw the blog got a plug in today’s Irish Time Price-watch.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up Derek!

  4. Absolutely loved this place, everything we ate was perfect and the staff were lovely, spot on review Jean.

  5. I like to eat late-ish so I prefer an all-evening set menu, even if not available Fridays and Saturdays. The one at Locks Brasserie is v good value, for example. So I may wait for S Lorenzos to see the light …