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Vegetarian Lunch in Juice, Georges St

fresh-lunch01I had lunch with two friends in Juice recently. It’s a vegetarian restaurant on South Great Georges St, which has been there for a really long time – I remember eating there when in college back in the 1780s.  I’ve had evening meals there a couple of times over the years, and always felt that it was a bit overpriced.  Unfortunately nothing seems to have changed.

Two of us ordered avocado and mozzarella bruschetta (€7), but were both dismayed by the tiny portions.  I was expecting something roughly the size of an open sandwich, but the bread had clearly been cut from a very small loaf.  The bread was not toasted and oiled, as I would normally expect bruschetta to be.  The portions would have sufficed for a small starter, but were completely unsatisfying for lunch.

fresh-lunch02Our other friend ordered the spinach pancake (also €7), and also felt that it was a bit on the insubstantial side.  He was expecting a pancake stuffed with spinach, but instead got a green pancake (spinach in the batter, we hope) with a smear of pesto.  Side salads were uninspired, which is a shame considering that it’s a veggie restaurant.

It seems to me that the long-standing presence of Juice is largely due to a lack of competition from other dedicated vegetarian restaurants, rather than the value that they offer.  We had no complaints about the service, but they really need to rethink what constitutes a decent lunch.  They are currently offering a three course lunch for €12, but I wouldn’t have much confidence that it would offer value for money.

What do you think of Juice?  And what’s your favourite vegetarian restaurant?


  1. Juice has always been a rip off. Im not a vegetarian, but have always loved the food in Blazing Salads and Cornucopia.

  2. The portion sizes in Cornucopia are massive compared to those tiny portions pictured there. It’s a real shame that people are going to restaurants like that when they could go to Cornucopia etc and get a great meal at a really reasonable price. Any food I’ve had from Blazing Salads has been ridiculously salty so I’ve never had a full meal there.

  3. I had food only twice in Juice, then just used it as a meeting place over a coffee because it was too expensive for food. Cornucopia has the best value for vegetarian. A massive 3 salads plate (which is called “medium”!) with a slab of bread (not a slice, a slab!) will cost you 8 euros. Main courses are a tad dearer (about 12 euros), but the portions are huge. Govinda’s has even bigger portions, but that’s too much: rice, paneer in tomato sauce, patatas bravas, pasta bake and lentil sauce on the same plate….?

  4. The thing that always puts me off Coruncopia is the amount of people that are usually in there at peak times (ie when I’m hungry). I know this is testament to the delicious food and excellent value, but it’s not particularly comfortable and it’s quite noisy. Govinda is cheap as chips and the portions are big but it reminds me of a soup kitchen the way you queue up and everything is slopped in together.

  5. Juice is really disappointing. Have been there twice and have not been back since: crap portions, not-so-cheap (considering many of the produce are pulse-based and therefore stupidly cheap) and yeah, unimaginative. It’s like a carnivore’s idea of what vegi food should be, ie, salads and vegi burgers with some cheese for protein. First time I had couscous with tajine of veg. Not flavoured well in any way, bland, and frankly I could have done better at home and saved myself oh, about fourteen euros. Second visit was Mushroom Wellington and that tasted bland and suspiciously bought-in. Not impressed at all. Good thing is that all wine is vegi and vegan, and marked as such. Service was nice. And that’s it.

    Cornucopia is great, by comparison. A bit stressful to eat in though, considering the volumes of traffic. But quality and considered vegi food.

    I love Govindas as yes, it is cheap and filling and tastes great. Sometimes you want something a little more refined though, or exciting, than dahl.

    And for those times, Juice should fit the bill, as Dublin’s only dedicated-vegi, table-service restaurant. But it doesn’t. Get with the times, Juice. You’ve a great position and longevity on your hands, make the most of it.

  6. I have been utterly dissapointed everytime I went to Juice.The food was moderate..definitely not worth the prices they charge, and I found the staff somewhat surely and unfriendly.
    I’m a big fan of Govinda’s its value for money.A small plate sets you back around €7-8 depending on which Govidas you go to…and you get a staggering amount of food!
    Cornucopia is good..but generally mobbed..well all the time!
    But if your really looking for a nice place to eat Veggie food, go to Madina on Mary st. they have a huge selection of vegetarian dishes, and even better they have separate kitchens for meat and vegetarian dishes! 🙂

  7. Madina is absolutely AMAZING! As with all Indian restaurants it’s very veggie-friendly and gobsmackingly reasonable. Just delicious.

  8. You’ll find me in Madina at 5.30 this evening! Agreed on Juice – very dissappointing food for Dublin’s only veggie table service restaurant.

    Ah does anyone remember the Dublin Food Co-op on Crowe St?

  9. Juice is not great value IMO.

    Cornocopia is great but yeah it can be a bit crowded at times. Breakfast there is really nice and with the loyalty card its good value if you are a regular visitor.

    Govindas (esp the Abbey Street branch) is really great value. The large special is especially great value for 2 people sharing a plate!!

  10. I remember the Dublin Co-Op however not very fondly as all the food tasted the same!

  11. For me, Juice sucks. Slow service, insanely huge menu that tastes microwaved, watered down or bought in. Yuck, keep it simple stupid.

  12. It’s a shame Dublin doesn’t have a high-class veggie restaurant like Cafe Paradiso in Cork. I think Cafe Fresh in Powerscourt goes from strength to strength, and Cornucopia is great for a big, hearty, healthy feed.

  13. I really dislike Cafe Paradiso. Everything is over salty and its impossible to gague if the main course will actually fill you given the portions sizes are very hit and miss.

  14. The Quay Co-op in Cork is the best vegetarian restaurant I’ve eaten in, even better than Cafe Paradiso which is also yummy.

  15. Bitterly disappointed with Juice. Went for lunch and had spicy corn fritters. Tasted like they were made days ago and had that half crusty/half steamed just out of the microwave feel. Such a pity. Just across the road you can get a fantastic veggie Mexican lunch for only €5.75 in Acapulco . I just wish there was one decent ‘date’ type veggie restaurant in Dublin. Big fan of Cornicopia food but the dining experience isn’t great, you’d be lucky to even get a table to eat your food off after you’ve paid for it, tray your hand. I’ve been threatening to buy their cook book all year. Bit pricy but looks fab.

  16. Can’t believe I forgot to mention – they charge you 10% service charge for the privilage of sitting down!!! This is disgraceful in this day and age!! Gosh – I’m getting angry just thinking about it.

  17. gotta agree, juice is totally overpriced and for food you can just as easily produce at home and to a higher standard!I also find they slop food onto the plate, which bugs me as i like when food is presented properly (e.g big heap of the blandest brown rice ever heaped onto my plate next to my terrine) even though its table service it still feels like a “canteen” to me! oh and the service charge bugs me too, il decide if a tip is given thank you very much! 🙂

  18. Quay Coop inCork is one of the best veggie resturaunts, with a wide choice,and good value, the portions are huge!the unhelpful staff taint this experience however 🙁

  19. Went to Juice a long time ago. Ordered French Toast with Egg. When it arrived there was no egg, when I asked I was told French Toast with Egg actually meant it was French Toast MADE with egg! Never went back, absolute joke of a place.