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Product Review/Love Letter: Lidl Greek Yogurt

This stuff. Oh boy oh boy it's good.

I have our commenter Deb to thank for tipping me off to this amazing stuff.  Nearly a year ago, I wrote a post about healthy eating and using substitutions for heavy ingredients such as natural yogurt instead of sour cream.  Deb commented:

Lidl do an amazing Greek Yoghurt in a huge one litre tub. I use it for cream, sour cream and creme fraiche. It’s low fat and extremely creamy and rich. Awesomeness.

It took me ages to get around to trying it, as I thought that a litre tub would be too large for my needs and that I’d never get through one before the use by date.  What a chump! Think of all the time I’ve wasted not eating this stuff!  It’s incredibly delicious. It’s just as rich and creamy as Deb says, and has such a good flavour that you could easily eat it straight from the tub.

It’s now become a staple in my fridge.  Some of the things we use it for: paired with salsa as a dip for tortilla chips; in a bowl with fruit, honey or granola; instead of cream in a tikka masala; with wholegrain mustard and cider in a sauce for pork chops (again, a perfect alternative to cream).  It’s just fantastic.  It only costs €2 per pot, and has 10% fat – creme fraiche is usually around 35%.  It’s a great product.  Nice one Deb.

One Comment

  1. And one year later lidl appear to have changed the recipe.
    It is thinner and sour. Tastes like bog standard yogurt now.
    Total is strained to thicken and makes it’s version was similar and held its shape when spooned but now it is a thick runny liquid. Why would they do this?