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  1. This “middle class” label drives me mad. Anyway, I imagine most retailers are not passing it on until they restock. I highly recommend O’Briens for your Christmas wine. They deliver free, nationwide, on all online deliveries for Christmas. (I am in no way affiliated with O’Briens, just a very loyal customer. Hic)

  2. I don’t understand how people who are really squeezed can afford more than a bottle of wine every now and then. I just can’t. Even one bottle a week would mean an extra 7 or 8 euros (providing it’s on special. Most decent wines are over 10 euros and I would rather not drink than drink plonk), which would be enough to pay for 2 meals.
    Bottom line is if you can afford the 8 euros a week, an extra euro won’t make a big difference. If like us, you can’t, then… well… let’s stick to the water while it’s still free

  3. duty on wine and beer has increased consistently over the years, yet the actual cost in supermarkets and off-licenses has gone down due to competition. The extra euro won’t make a huge difference in the long run – suppliers will probably get squeezed by the likes of Tesco though.

  4. Curious Wines and Wines Direct are both keeping their prices down until Chhristmas.

  5. Wines Direct are only keeping their prices down for their Christmas special offers. They have put up the prices on the rest of their wine.

  6. If you want a ready supply of table wine, just make your own from kits. Works out about a euro per bottle. Easy.