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M&S Dine in for Two, 23-28 May 2013

Marks and Spencer

The M&S Dine In for Two for €13.50 is back on this weekend, with a few new items on the menu including Chicken Piri Piri and Pork Escalopes with Peperonata sauce.

I was in there last weekend and they were doing a similar offer of Dinner for Two for €8.50, which comprised a main, side and dessert. Basically it appeared to be Dine in For Two without the wine, so it’s a good deal if you’re not interested in the wine part.

Full menu on the M&S website.


  1. better deal with the wine (assuming you consider the wine to be worth more than a fiver, which it probably is).

  2. Yeah I agree, but if you’re a teetotaller the €8.50 option is good to have.