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Luncheonette in NCAD, Thomas St

luncheonette-pastelLuncheonette is a new cafe in the basement canteen of the National College of Art and Design on Thomas St, and it’s a gem.  I won’t pretend to write an objective review as it’s been set up by a friend of mine, but I hope my many years of guffing off about food here have built up some trust between us – I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t genuinely like it.

They serve food that is original, interesting, comforting and very vegetarian-friendly.  When I went in recently with some colleagues, we tried the ribollita for €3 (soup with tomatoes, chick peas and bread, served with walnut pesto and parmesan), the flatbread with salty marrow, slow roasted tomatoes and lemon hummus (€3) and their beetroot burgers for €4, which came with avocado, pickled cucumbers and tomato.  Discounts were given for buying a soup and sandwich together.

Delicious little cakes were priced from €1.50 to €2; we had lemon cakelets and a Portuguese-style pastel de nata, which is a beautiful little cup of pastry and custard.  Coffees are only €1.80 and tea is €1.

It’s all served in a gorgeous space with long benches, niches in the walls and pretty lighting. The food and surroundings are a far cry from the hairy bacon served in a giant prefab that was the canteen experience at UCD, where I studied. NCAD students are very fortunate to have this on hand, and as it’s open to the public you can enjoy it too.  The prices are introductory but I trust that it will remain good value – it’s very simple food prepared in clever and interesting ways.

Check out the Luncheonette Facebook page for their menus.



  1. Is it open weekends Saturdays?

  2. They’re Mon-Fri, 8.30-15.45 only, although I saw on their Facebook they’re doing a Thanksgiving Supper this evening at 5pm:

  3. Sounds great. Perhaps they can be encouraged to open in the evenings one day a week…

  4. Thanks for the tip! I really enjoyed a flatbread with lemon hummus and its so cheap. For anyone else visiting here luncheonette is in the building to the right of the courtyard and down the stairs by the table tennis table.