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  1. I spent €70 on Christmas treats in M&S yesterday and nobody gave me any vouchers – I forgot to ask 🙁
    Wonder if they’ll still give it to me with a receipt?

  2. I love those M&S deals, they’re a proper bargain. I’ve saved quite a bit of money this year eating in with one of them instead of heading to a restaurant.

  3. Hey SexyPedestrian (great name!)

    I agree, that M&S Dinner for Two for €12.50 is one of the few real bargains out there…I’m not even sure how they manage to make a profit out of it…I suppose it’s because people buy lots of other stuff while they’re in there.

  4. So true, personally I go in for the meal deal and come out with Jester tomatoes that are twice the price of the ones I usually buy in Aldi and an arm full of other bits and pieces! Clever M&S!