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  1. fixed menus are usually a great reason to avoid restaurants around festival times. much better in my opinion to stay in an cook your own spicy food. it tastes much better when you make it yourself!

  2. I agree, all that chili club restaurant has going for it is its age. For the same reason why people still flock to the filipino ‘bahay cubo’ restaurant in landsdowne, so too did people first start going to the chili club – it was the first of its kind. Offering such exotic treats as lemongrass and fish sauce in the early 90s, who wouldn’t have walked out of Blakes restaurant having heard there was a new Thai restaurant in Dublin. Alas, every second restaurant in the capital is now Thai. As Chet Baker once sung, ‘The thrill is gone’. So the chili club has become that friend you still hang around with because you’ve known them since you were a kid. Even though you no longer have anything in common, you make an effort to tolerate their bad taste in clothes and poor sense of humour. My advice? Cut them loose.