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In Pricewatch today…

Irish TimesConor Pope tests varieties of tomato ketchup, with Lakeshore Tantalizing Tomato Ketchup coming in as the favourite.  He also reports on more price chicanery by Tesco – something that’s also a topic of conversation here on CheapEats.  Oh Tesco.


  1. But can you belive that Chef tomato ketchup was not included. Was practically lynched by dozens of Ray Darcy show listeners who insisted it was the best by a bajillion miles.

    Next time.

  2. Chef? No! Way too vinegary.

  3. Umm… Sometimes, vinegary Chef ketchup is just right. Especially when the chips form a large part of a durty big fry-up, or with a home-made burger when you’re hungover.

  4. Maybe it’s me but does anyone know where the Lakeshore Ketchup can be bought???
    (the article doesn’t appear to mention it!)