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  1. Also, you can get a kilo of king tiger prawns for half this price (€8) in the Asia Food Market on Drury Street (near the back entrance of George’s Street arcade) as well as the places mentioned above. Also very tasty. They are my Monday night favourite dinner – fry ’em up with loads of pak choi (which, by the way, is also far cheaper in the Asia market than in normal supermarkets) and soy sauce, add in some stir fry veg or noodles if you want and a few chillis to spice it up. Delicious!

    Also really nice fried up with loads of garlic, some chilli flakes and butter as a starter with some nice fresh crusty bread.

    For those not used to cooking with prawns, you can buy the cooked ones (which are a lovely pink colour) which just need to be defrosted or the more grey coloured ones (which will turn a lovely pink when you cook them).

  2. I usually just defrost mine under running water in a colander for a few minutes before throwing them into a curry or stirfry.

  3. A agree with Louise – I think it’s safe to say that most of the Asian markets will get you a deal on prawns as cheap as this or cheaper. The Carribean / Asian shop up on Thomas St. near me often does a kilo of prawns for 10-12 € (from memory). Considering the price of Fish in the major supermarkets I think this is an excellent option, particularly when catering for a more than one or two.