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Rhodes D7 closed for business?

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  1. Had a peep in the window on the 17th and the place looks completely abandoned. Not looking good for the staff. Ate there once and while it was nice (cheap wine list) it felt a bit like a hotel restaurant. Totally agree with the lacking atmosphere comment.

  2. as dull as dishwater… like eating in an airport food court.

  3. I ate there once. there was a mashed fly on my salad greens – when I pointed out the ‘added protein’ to the wait staff he took my plate away and never came back.

    There was an article in the IT last week that its closed and the staff are fighting for their redundancy.

  4. We had our Company Christmas Party at Rhodes, the food was delicious but the portion sizes were too small we found it a little too pricey for what you get.

  5. I was recently given a gift card for Rhodes D7. Is it really closed? I’ve sent an e-mail to them to make a reservation. I’ve heard nothing yet. I live outside Dublin so don’t have the opportunity to visit the restaurant.

  6. Can’t believe people moaning about the food in this place… compared to most of the crap you get in Dublin, it was fantastic value, and the ambience was just fine.

  7. Well said Duffer. Ate here a few times and always found it a very enjoyable experience. Food was really good, reasonably priced, and the atmosphere was grand with a nice buzz about the place.

    Sometimes I think people just complain for the sake of it and then other people think they have to go along with it!

    Hopefully we’ll see it open again soon.

  8. Ate here a few times and i really liked it. the staff were friendly and good to deal with! Food was also really nice – particularly the duck dish. I looked in the window last week while passing and it is abondaned looking, i mean its like they shut the doors in the middle of service and didnt even clear it out. there was bottles of wine lying around on the bar – it was dusty and dirty looking… hopefully they will get what ever it is sorted and re open!!

  9. Still have a gift card for €50. Was promised a refund cheque but am still waiting…very poor customer service form such a fabled chef…has any one else experienced similar?