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Those of you who are already on Twitter will have an idea of how simultaneously useful and useless it is.  Those of you who aren’t: Twitter is a stream of updates from people that you choose to follow.  Some of these updates are inane, many are funny and witty and some are really useful.  In terms of finding out info about food, there are quite a few treasure troves of info on Twitter:



Dubliner Martin McKenna has set up a ‘Lunchblock’ tweet.  Martin says ‘Lunchblock’ is the “feeling I often have of heading out onto the streets of Dublin with no idea where to go for lunch, despite the hundreds of options available.”  He now looks out for lunch bargains and shares them at

Blogger UnaRocks has started a Twitter topic on foodbargains.  If you see a food bargain in Ireland, tweet about it with the tag #foodbargain so that other Twitterers can find it.

Twecipe is a Twitter idea that grew enough to warrant a site and app of its own (with some of the cutest character design you’ve ever seen). The site was devised by chef Niall Harbison, and has a brilliantly simple concept: enter a few ingredients, and Twecipe will return a selection of recipes that use those ingredients.

And finally, The Guardian Word of Mouth blog are running an experiment to publish restaurant reviews on Twitter.  Twitter has a 140-character limit per update, so it’s an interesting challenge.

Have you found any foodie gems on Twitter? And remember that CheapEats is (sporadically) twittering at

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