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  1. you also have to factor in the significant VAT difference (15% vs 21.5%).

    For example the Bar Table would be £52.83 at 21.5% VAT which converts to €59 exactly.

    Much lower minimum wage in Norn Iron too…

  2. I’ve found Lidl can be much cheaper for certain things in N.Irl.
    For example, a bag of cashew nuts costing £2.99 versus €4.49
    or a bottle of cava costing £4.09 versus €9.99.

    However, you have to be really careful as some products are the same figure in sterling as in euro! For example, a bottle of balsamic vinegar costing £1.99 & €1.99.

    Having just looked at Lidl specials on both Northern and Southern section of website, I noticed they are selling a growbag from 21st May for £1.99 up north and €1.79 down south!!

    Definitely pays to know the prices of things that you buy!!