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Lidl vs Lidl

Lidl LogoBored in my sick bed (sniff, poor me, etc etc), I did some price comparisons on Lidl in the Republic of Ireland and Lidl in Northern Ireland. As you’ll see, there isn’t price parity, but the sterling/ euro difference isn’t too severe:

Lidl Northern Ireland Price Lidl Republic of Ireland Price Exact Conversion £-€, April 30 2009
Charcoal BBQ £29.99 €39.99 €33.48
Jugs, Shakers, Bowls £2.99 €3.49 €3.34
All Purpose Storage Box £27.99 €34.99 €31.25
Bar Table Set £49.99 €59.99 £55.82
Frying Pan with Lid £7.99 €9.99 €8.92

Lidl would, no doubt, argue that the cost of rent and of doing business is higher in the Republic than Northern Ireland, that the differential is quite minor when compared with other retailers, and that it’s impossible for any retailer to constantly change their prices as the currency values fluctuate. It’s certainly hard to argue that the differences warrant a trip to Lidl up north. What do you think?


  1. you also have to factor in the significant VAT difference (15% vs 21.5%).

    For example the Bar Table would be £52.83 at 21.5% VAT which converts to €59 exactly.

    Much lower minimum wage in Norn Iron too…

  2. I’ve found Lidl can be much cheaper for certain things in N.Irl.
    For example, a bag of cashew nuts costing £2.99 versus €4.49
    or a bottle of cava costing £4.09 versus €9.99.

    However, you have to be really careful as some products are the same figure in sterling as in euro! For example, a bottle of balsamic vinegar costing £1.99 & €1.99.

    Having just looked at Lidl specials on both Northern and Southern section of website, I noticed they are selling a growbag from 21st May for £1.99 up north and €1.79 down south!!

    Definitely pays to know the prices of things that you buy!!