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Quick Review: Diners of Dalkey

dinersReview by Jean McGuire:

Diner’s, a Thai and Chinese restaurant in Dalkey, south Dublin, is pretty dull inside. However, the food more than made up for it. The service was excellent and the staff are friendly, while the early bird menu – a three course meal for €17 – was delicious.

To start, we shared a platter of food between three people and there was plenty to go around. I had Chicken Chow Mein, a perennial favourite, and this was one of the best I’ve ever tasted. My friend had prawns, which I don’t usually like, but these were great – fresh and succulent. We were quite full so none of us had a dessert, but a waiter brought over to us a plate full of every type of fruit imaginable: nice touch. The coffees were highly praised by my friends.

This was a great cheap eat and well worth another visit.


  1. have eaten here twice its the best chineese food ive had in ireland will go back again and again

  2. im searching for the number of diners in dalkey

  3. Chinese food would not be my first choice of preference but I have to say, this was the nicest Chinese restaurant that I’ve ever been to in Ireland!

    I went for the early bird meal, which cost €17.90. It included a starter, main course, dessert and tea or coffee. We also got a plate of melon, orange, and After Eight mints with our teas and coffee’s.

    For starters, I got the skewered chicken satay, which was DELICIOUS! It would have done me as a main course because it was so big! My other friends got shredded chilli chicken (which I tasted and may have to order next time I go there), spare ribs and veggie spring rolls. Everyone was in agreement that their food was exquisite.

    For mains, I got the chicken in black been sauce with green peppers. I like spicy food so they gladly obliged by throwing in a few red chillies for me! It was yummy. You could have the mains with either boiled/fried rice or chips.

    The selection of desserts wasn’t great. I had a selection of ice cream (strawberry, chocolate & vanilla), one of my friends got the apple pie which was a bit small, the others got the banana/pineapple fritta with ice cream (they looked delicious but I didn’t taste them).

    It was a busy restaurant which is always a good sign and although the staff were all Asian, they spoke perfect English. They were extremely attentive too! If our water was running low, we didn’t even notice them filling it up again.

    All in all, an excellent restaurant. I will definitely be going there again very soon. 5 stars all the way!