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Farewell to the spice burger

spice-burgersOne of the mainstays of the Irish chipper is about to disappear: the manufacturers of spice burgers are going out of business.  The firm patented their recipe, and as the Irish Times drily states, “the product’s popularity never really expanded beyond Ireland”, so no other manufacturers produce them.

We’re very sorry to hear that Walsh Family Foods have had to close their doors after 60 years of supplying chippers and supermarkets, and that 50 more people are now out of work.  And while spice burgers were never my meal of choice from the chipper (cod ‘portion’ please), it’s sad to see this idiosyncratically Irish snack disappear forever.

Will you miss spice burgers? Did you find that they went perfectly with coleslaw chips and red lemonade?


  1. Cant say Ive ever had one. Surely they could sell the recipe on to another producer?

  2. They are rotten and I’m quiet surprised to read that there’s meat in them, I had no idea!

  3. I quite like them! That’s a bit of an odd back story for an odd little foodstuff though, and I can’t remember the last time I had one – probably a sign!

  4. i’ve never had one … whats in them ? surely the recipe could be sold on ? business opportunity for somone .. set up a stall at electric picnic and sell spice burgers they would go down a storm and in no time they’d be a cult food product that everyone would want …

  5. There’s a facebook group to save the spiceburger already set up. I see this being a runner with a food producer.

    It’s 21 years since i last had one 🙂 The mere thought gives me indigestion!

  6. Oh noes, they were fantastic. I’ve never had one from a chipper (they’re not really standard fair in cork wher eyou can get potato pies) but we used to cook them at home loads, lovely split in two with a bit of butter

  7. Would be great to be able to make them at home. Maybe one of the Irish supermarkets could start making them in the butcher section……

  8. Hmmm I think spice burgers are a Dublin thing. Still, sad to see an indigenous food go!

  9. Definitely not just a Dublin thing, a favourite all over the country! They will be missed. Found it impossible to find them in the supermarket, usually all that was available was the microwaveable spice burgers which just were not the same.

  10. Being a Dublin born lad living on the other side of the world on some god forsaken rock that fell of Australia, I can honestly say that I am gutted about the loss of the humble Spice Burger.

    Twas the only sparkle of happiness left in my otherwise soul destroying existence, personally I blame the culchies, they ruin everthing!!

  11. Fear not Tommy, they are saved, you can still have one next time you are home:)