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Special Offers at SuperValu

sv-special-offers-19-06-09Is there really any difference between washing-up liquids? One bottle of yellow gunk from Fairy, whose hands do your dishes and feel soft as your face, still costs a whole lot more than two bottles of yellow gunk from SuperValu; they’ll both lick your plates clean. And this week, you can pick up two 500ml yellow gunk bottles from SuperValu for the nice round price of €1.

Also at SuperValu:

  • SuperValu Tropical/ Hawaiian Fruit Salad – half price – reduced from €4.89 to €2.45
  • Nestle Cheerios 600g – half price – reduced from €4.50 to €2.25

All the offers are valid until Saturday June 27. Click here for more details.


  1. But one bottle of Fairy will last you a hell of a lot longer than two bottles of cheap yellow gunk. Although one euro does seem fairly cheap…

  2. Fairy is the best – it lasts so much longer. I tried economising with washing-up liquid, but it just isn’t worth it.

  3. I have to say that buying cheap washing up liquid is false economy. You’ll have to use five times as much as you would Fairy.

  4. i have to agree – washing up liquid is one of the few things i would never, ever scrimp on. fairy is the best.