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Tesco Value Beans’n’Sausages Recalled

tesco-value-beansThe Irish Times reports today that Tesco are recalling their Value Tinned Beans and Sausages after bits of plastic were found in some cans.

Now, you know we love a bargain here at CheapEats, but we also think that quality is important and that it’s possible to spend too little on food.  These tins only cost 66c, which doesn’t really fill us with confidence about the quality of the ingredients.  In fact, a bit of plastic seems fairly benign, considering.

Are we being fair? Have any of you tried these beans, and do you think they’re a good deal for 66c?


  1. “In fact, a bit of plastic seems fairly benign, considering.” Lol! Ive never tried them, but I shudder any time I see the Heinz version never mind this bargain basement version. Who buys them?

  2. sausages should never come in a tin.

    apart from this, I’d be very slow to buy any food in the Tesco value range. Their regular Tesco brand stuff is already pretty cheap, lord knows what they’re putting in the Value brand stuff (salt, and lots of it, for a start…)

  3. A frien of mine tried quite a few of the tesco value brand stuff. he said the chicken curry wasn’t bad though there was very little chicken in it. He also tried the sausage and beans, i saw them they looked awful, to be fair the beans were grand but the sausages were terrible they are like mini frankfurters that have been dehydrated and than thrown in a can with beans!! terrible

  4. Gross. I agree Liam, sausages should never come in a tin. No meat should. Check out this gruesome chicken in a can:

    I just got a little bit sick.

  5. Ah now, ham in a can used to be a treat in our house. Remember the little key?

  6. Was in Colombia in January. Walked up and down the isles of 2 large supermarkets and couldn’t find beans without sausage or some form of meat in them. as a veggie, this left me in much distress.

  7. i would never eat any form of meat out of a can…to be fair if you bought a cheap tin of beans i think tesco brand are about 40 cent??? and a couple of sausages chances are ud have the same meal but a hell of a lot more nutritious and with a flavour other the salt!

  8. @ Finn, yeah the spanish style sausage & beans in a tin can seem scary, initially. However the sausages are usually mini chorizos which are naturally preserved through smoking and therefore are generally better quality and more nutricious than the ultra processed “sausages” you get in the heinz versions, and the beans are usually chickpeas or butterbeans, rather than the haricots usually used for baked beans here. When I was in Spain I loved them so much that I brought tins back with me. A bowl of that with some bread and Cabana cheese is an absolute winner!