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  1. I’ve noticed a definite drop in our weekely shopping, we’re way more price conscious than before but aside from that out weekly shop has reduced by about €20!

  2. Same here on our weekly shop, and I’ve noticed the Lidl and Aldi seem to be stocking more name brands at good prices. Nice to see day-to-day eating not costing so much.

  3. I was in Tesco Prussia St on Sunday and they had a half price Jammie Dodger offer running and the discounted price was 0.49c – while I was in Tesco Baggot St yesterday they had the same offer running but the biscuits were 0.65 – is this allowed I wonder? I’d love to know if more products are cheaper on the north side.

  4. My weekly shop in dunnes is definitely cheaper. I always did shop around, long before the downturn so nothign has changed there. One thing that has made a huge difference is buying meat from a butcher. Its so much cheaper and the quality is worth the extra trip.