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Coffee at Darwin’s

darwin's cafe coffeeThe Bald Barista boasts bean brewing that’s better than most other beverage makers in Baile Átha Cliath. Café Darwin’s doesn’t doubt the delectableness of its own draft either. Both are situated within minutes of eachother on Aungier St. Come to think of it, there’s a lot of barber shops on that stretch too. Why so many hair-related establishments on Aungier St?

Anywho, the coffee at Darwin’s. I had a latte as did Peter. Peter thought it was the best coffee he’s ever had, but as we all know, Peter’s big on superlatives.

I thought it was good. In fact, it’s a very good coffee. I have two criticisms: the first is that it was not as hot as it could be. Secondly, and more importantly, it was far too expensive. It costs €2.95 for a takeaway coffee. This needs to change. Whether you’re follically challenged or not, we shouldn’t have to pay for the damn hair transplant.

Lastly, I’m slightly sceptical of their big sign outside saying “Winner of Best Latte Art 2008.” If it was a global competition: fine. Otherwise putting hearts and shamrocks and other such shit on froth was invented by barmen for Guinness a long time ago. It was shit then and it’s shit now.


  1. Was never too mad about Darwins. It’s very good, but the Bald Barista makes a meaner brew in my opinion. 2.95 for takeaway coffee is bit ouch and not that attractive to people these days.

  2. The Bald Barista does the best coffee in Dublin, IMHO. (Ask him for a flat white!) He imports and roasts his own beans, I seem to remember – which goes a long way towards explaining why the coffee isn’t burned or bitter.

    As for the latte art… well, really good latte art is a different kettle of fish from a crummy shamrock on the top of the pint. It doesn’t add to the flavour of the coffee, but it’s a nice touch – and one that most Irish cafes would do well to imitate.

  3. I find the barista at Darwins to be very professional.
    There’s another place called Tiesan on Harrington st. I was at recently, they do excellent coffee + latte art, good value too!

  4. Big <3 for the bald barista, though the cakes aren’t fantastic, the coffee makes up for it.

    Not been to darwins yet. Don’t they use the same coffee?

  5. Use their Fixx beans at home…yum!

  6. I am an espresso and americano drinker and I tend to be a little fussy sometimes – you tend to notice how dark a roast is etc when there is absolutely no milk – hence I can’t drink starbucks cos their beans are roasted for milkier drinks

    I have had the bald barista’s coffee, and it was fine, and I wouldn’t have thought much about it except he was at the front of the shop himself telling someone all about how much better his coffee was from every other coffee place in Ireland

    Which has turned me utterly against the place. At the time, I was working in a restaurant, since closed down, located in the Bewley’s Building on Grafton St. A barista named Stephen Morrissey was the trainer in the building and his coffee was far superior to the one I received in the Bald Barista – but then he went on to win the Barrista World Champioship in 2008.

  7. Oooh Tiesan do great coffee, and their food is really, really excellent.

  8. And it’s gone! Survival of the fittest, and Darwin’s haven’t made it. Shame to see a business closing down, I really did like their coffee, even at that price.