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Ripped off at Spar, Clonskeagh

SparDo you ever get a craving for a crispy, white roll filled with ham and coleslaw? I decided to satisfy this craving at Spar in Clonskeagh yesterday, but it left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Like a lot of things, you never query the price until you’re at the till, and your mouth has dropped with shock. Four euro and twenty cents, for a roll with two fillings?

As I shuffled off, grumbling and cursing them under my breath, I hoped I’d at least find comfort in the roll. But compared to a ham and coleslaw roll I had in Centra a few months back, which only cost €3.19, this was miserable. The ham was slimy and fatty, and the coleslaw was over-processed. I can’t see how all the ingredients for this roll – the Cuisine de France demi-baguette, some cheap ham, and a splodge of coleslaw – could have cost much more than €1.

On my long rant about this roll last night, my departing flatmate Catriona (don’t go Cat!) pointed out that she’d bought a delicious filled roll at the generally over-priced Fresh in Smithfield that same day for €3.90.

Maybe I’m being a little unfair by singling out Spar in Clonskeagh; perhaps all the Spars are probably all just as bad. I know that their offers are pretty rubbish, as I’ve pointed out before. I think it’s fair to say that I was ripped off at Spar in Clonskeagh, but I’m curious to see what CheapEats readers think. Is €4.20 a justifiable price for a filled roll these days?


  1. I think I paid about the same for a sandwich with 2 fillings from Spar in Leixlip. I remember being completely shocked when it was handed to me as it was so expensive. Having said that it was a lovely sandwich and it was convienient but really places like these are the main reason that I’d rather go hungry some days.

  2. Nope, paid about the same in Spar on Baggot Street. And it was yuck. I love Fresh offer: for 4.99 you get a very decent coffee, a generous sandwich and a bar of Lindt chocolate

  3. Spar in Grand Canal Dock charges extra for the bottles of Pepsi that are supposed to be 50% extra free. Chancers.

  4. “Thats Par for Spar”.

    1 wrap, tuna and tomatoes = €4 Spar Park West
    Tuna is 50% cheap mayo

    Buy from their salad bar things like sliced tomatoes, sliced onions, shredded lettuce, etc at a cool costs of about €13 / Kg.

  5. if u want value for money, or even fair prices, never ever shop at spar…

    as for sandwiches , I either make my own… or starve till i get home.
    i know i wont die, where the ingredients came from, and that mine tastes better any way 😛

  6. I just bought a simple sandwich in the Esso garage in Clontarf – chicken, tomato & onion: Total cost: €4.50

    Utter madness but I only have myself to blame, next time I won’t be so lazy, I’ll just buy the ingredients and make it myself.

  7. I’ve been a sucker for Spar’s hot chicken wrap or roll. But inevitably when I go looking for one they’re out of chicken, or worse there’s no one working the counter. These cost about 4.50 which I agree are overpriced and given the difficulty in just getting one I’ve given up.

  8. Two things here; obviously the roll still has a healthy profit margin, but still has to add up to more than the actual cost of the materials. If you want a 1euro roll you have to make it yourself.
    Secondly, the roll should have a price on the sticker and if you don’t want it at that price you don’t have to pay it. Either hand it back at the deli or checkout.

  9. Sambo’s are a rip off these days, ordered a chicken tikka sambo at O’Brien’s and they wanted more than €5.00 for it, the price of a piece of serloin steak! I told them to eat it themselves and walked. ( No wonder they are in the manure now, greed is not good as a long term business strategy)

  10. Had a lovely ham and coleslaw rol yesterday in Centra, Roundwood, Co. Wicklow. Nice crispy fresh bread, quality ham, and fresh coleslaw. And only €3.19: the price it should be! I feel even more ripped off by Spar than ever now.