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Special Buys at Aldi

AldiSpecial buys this week at Aldi include:

  • Winter Jacket – €17.49
  • Klassiek Beer – 6 bottles for €5.49
  • Specially Selected Speciality Mustard – 1.59

Click here to see all the offers.

Bar M&S, Aldi’s own Specially Selected brand beats any other supermarket’s own brand range. Even those at the upper end of the price/ supposed quality range, such as Tesco Finest or Dunnes Simply Better. I’m keen to try more of them out.

Also at Aldi, you’ll find the Super6, including an 8-pack of Irish apples for 69c and 250g asparagus (I know, it’s not in season, but it’s so nice) for 89c, here.


  1. Asparagus from Peru? No, thank you. I know it’s nice, but I think it tastes even nicer when you have been waiting the whole year for it. And then you make the most of it for the season is so short. Same for any fruits and vegs (but cabbage!)

  2. Meh, Im going to Peru myself soon so I figure Im going to do as much damamge as the vegetables. Asparagus soup for me this evening so!

  3. I know, it’s definitely not as tasty or fresh, and the conscience does prick at me. But at this price, it’s difficult to resist. I wish I could eat asparagus all year round. Will the guilt make the asparagus taste bitter?
    Oh, the politics of shopping.

  4. Mangoes are much worse than asparagus!

  5. But Irish mangoes are not at all nice :-)))