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M&S Dinner for Two for €12.50: 10-13 Dec

marks-and-spencers-logoIt’s on again everyone, get the chocolate mousse and asparagus tips and whatnot into you.  I noticed it quite late this evening, and surprisingly, was still able to snag a decent choice ten minutes before M&S closed.  Either everyone’s in shock about the budget or M&S are laying on way more stock than before.

This week’s choice (there’s a very impressive range of booze):


Oakham Chicken
British Steak
2 Salmon Fillets
NEW! The Cook Menu Cajun Stuffed Chicken Breasts
NEW! The Cook Menu Trout & Crab Stuffing
NEW! The Cook Menu Goat’s Cheese & Pesto En Croute (V)
The Cook Menu Chilli Beef Roulade
The Cook Menu Haddock Gratin
Beef in Chianti
Gastropub Moussaka


Ultimate Potato Mash
Roast Potatoes
Carrot, Cauliflower & Brussels Sprouts
Sweet and Crunchy Vegetable Bowl
Dauphinoise Potatoes
Asparagus Tips
Frites twin pack
Traditional Vegetables for Roasting
Mediterranean Style Vegetables


2 Raspberry Panna Cotta
Strawberry Trifle
2 Melting Middle Chocolate Puddings
Hot Chocolate Fudge Pudding
2 Mocha Fondants
Kentish Bramley Apple Puff Pastry Pie
2 Pot Au Chocolat
2 Belgian Chocolate Souffle
Jam Roly Poly
Fruit Salad
Profiterole Stack Filled With Fresh Cream
Cheese Selection


Gaston de Veau Merlot
Gaston de Veau Chardonnay
Hay Station Columbard
Hay Station Cabernet
Reserve De La Saurine White
Reserve De La Saurine Red
White Trentino
Gascogne White
Gascogne Red
Los Nucos Chardonnay
Los Nucos Cabernet Sauvignon
Rose Chardonnay Frizzante
Raso de la Cruz Macabeo
Raso de la Cruz Grenache
Citrus Soft Brew
Black Currant Soft Brew
Apple Soft Brew
Valencia Orange 2 litres
Elderflower Presse twin pack
Irish coffee twin pack


  1. For the moment, they’re also deducting 10% of the wine component of the total cost (to allow for the duty decrease). So, this reduces the €12.50 by an additional 80c-€1 or so !

  2. Seems the UK selection that is posted on their website is not exactly what we get. Our local (small) M&S generally only has a choice of 1 red / 1 white, and didn’t have the oakham chicken or the cheese selection on offer (which was exactly what I went in to get). This forced me to have the profiterole stack (life can be hard).