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Chicken Piri Piri at Sufi’s To Go

sufis to goIt’s no secret that I’m addicted to fried chicken. Since that exposé in VIP magazine, my secret shame has been all over the tabloids. So when I heard there was a new dealer in town I had to make my way to Sufi’s on Lower Stephen’s Street in Dublin incognito.

Chicken Piri Piri originates from Africa but it was those 15th century Portuguese murderers, sorry I mean adventurers, that brought piri-piri to the world. Piri-piri is in fact a small hot chilli.

The guys in SFG in Dublin are not from Portugal or Africa, my guess is somewhere in the Middle East. But they’re very proudly flaunting their piri piri skills and rightly so. A freshly grilled chicken breast covered in piri piri sauce will set you back €4 and it is succulent and perfectly spiced. I sat there in my costume and sucked on the bone of the chicken like a freak. I started to imagine that I was a character from “The Road” who had just found the last breast of chicken piri-piri on earth for which I would have killed small children to get my hands on. In short, I enjoyed the SFG chicken breast.

Couple this with very friendly staff who call you “my friend” because they don’t know your name (If they’d known my name then my fake nose, moustache and glasses clearly weren’t working) and smile.

Now my only fear is that, like KFC before them, have they gone from Sufi’s to Go to SFG because their Sufi’s are battery farmed and have no feathers, wings or legs?

  • 45-50 Lower Stephen’s Street, Dublin 2

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