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  1. LOVE the Runner Bean. A great little shop and deli. The sambos are fabulous and all the ingredients/toppings are so fresh and some are even grown by the owner himself. Great value … and they have old-school sweets and treats like tunnocks teacakes which I can’t resist!

    I have been raving about this place for years .. there is also a free piece of fruit and bottle water with each sambo at the mo along with various other offers.

  2. I know, it really is great. It HAS been great for years, but these things should still be flagged – Jacqueline

  3. thanks alot from the owner of the runner bean- that’s me-
    it is great to know that customers appreciate the effort we make to say hello, please and thanks as a minimum.
    it’s also nice to get a bit of positive feedback [or negative even, so we can inprove]
    thanks again and to our customers who are more appreciated than they think! FABULOUS!

  4. I love just down the road from it and it really shows how nice friendly staff make a huge difference! As well as the good food and value of course.

  5. Absolutely lovely coffee here (and a free Chez Emily chocolate no less!) and stupidly reasonable prices. The only problem is that it will now be too busy to go there once everyone reads how fab it is 🙂

  6. Couldn’t agree more, why on earth do workers around Nassau street buy those awful prepacked sandwiches when this gem is right beside them? The soup is fantastic, the staff friendly and helpful, if we don’t support great places like the Runner Bean don’t complain when all you can get for lunch is defrosted bagels and rubber mass produced chicken. Keep up the good work guys!

  7. Mark’s coffee (if not his early morning / moaning personality … just like my own, I admit) is addictive. A great little spot that I visit virtually everyday and that never fails to lift my spirits. Keep up the good work, Mark, Marta, Lee (and Maeve when she there)!

  8. Food with a conscience

    I cant describe how good this soup and sandwich tasted. Ive just realised that I have been eating lunch garbage for the last few years.

    I feel like going back and buying everything in the store.

  9. I work on the opposite side of town yet I regularly trot out a brisk hike to the runner bean and back so I can enjoy great food at great prices (and get some exercise!). Mark always has a word and always remembers (we usually talk Lisbon and euro politics!) and I was well impressed on first discovering many of the greens come from his own allottment. Keep up the good work folks. James

  10. He’s my little brother but most peole think im his younger sister.I have helped out in the Runner Bean for over 20 years and I am so proud of the people who work there and of the customers who have even in these hard times come back day after day to buy our fab sandwiches salads coffee and fruit.We try to do our very best for you and to give you value and great quality from our homemade soup to our organic coffee and handmade chocs which are free with the coffee and much better than ones that are sold down the road.As long as you keep coming in we will try to be here for you with a smile.Thanks to you all

  11. Just look at the place – pause – your eyes insist you go closer, you go closer, your nose now wants you to go closer – smell the fruit- take another step and smell the coffee- you step in side – they say hi – they smile – your heart lifts and it yearns you to go closer- your taste buds are now begging you to bring it all closer- aaahh – I step in and my day gets better and my senses become mine again – special indeed – a little piece of nice is very nice – pure quality on all levels of the meaning