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Something for the weekend: €5 takeaways in Cork are currently running a truly excellent promotion: €5 takeaways in Cork.

There’s a very impressive range of options if you order through the Just-Eat site, including pizza, pasta, chippers, kebabs, Indian, Thai, and Chinese:

  • Bully’s restaurant: 7 inch pizza, garlic bread or french fries, plus a can – €5
  • Lennox’s: 2 small chips, 4 sausages, a chicken wrap, and a can – €5
  • Aroma Chinese restaurant: curry puff, skewered chicken, and squid with salt and chilli – €5

There’s many more. Most of the selections consist of a selection of starters, but there’d be plenty to feed one person.

The deals expire on August 31. Click here to see the full selection.

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