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Review: Cafe Mimo, Dundrum

barbs-and-dylanPayday, oh payday. Time to put my head down, concentrate intensely, and brave the shops.

Much as I can happily amble around any shop selling food in a happy daze for hours on end, the thought of clothes shopping usually fills my stomach with big sharp rocks. Dublin city is an infinitely nicer place than the big shopping centres, such as Dundrum – but Dundrum condenses the experience into a shorter period of time, returning my life quicker than the city can.

And so, a few weeks ago, I headed to Dundrum for the second time this year to update the wardrobe. Like most men – even fashion conscious ones – I try to limit clothes shopping to a few times a year, so I planned on spending most of the day here. This would require sustenance.

After an insanely overpriced smoothie and a few successful purchases, I hooked up with my fashionista sister Barbara. To tell me what to do. When hunger struck later that day, neither of us were particularly starving; we only wanted coffee and a light meal. We ruled out options like Nando’s, The Burger Counter, L’Officina, or Ananda, and found ourselves in Cafe Mimo at the House of Fraser.

It was very good indeed. I opted for a starter sized Chicken Caesar salad (€7.50). This was a substantial starter, so I’m glad I didn’t order anything else – more than enough here for a light lunch. With proper caesar dressing, very tasty chicken, and crisp fresh lettuce, this was a great version of an old classic.

Barbara and I shared a lemon cake (€5.10), which was sweet, moist, and very fresh. Every cake at Cafe Mimo comes with a free coffee. Although €5.10 at least 60c more than you should pay for cake in a cafe, it works out as a good deal when you throw in the free coffee; you’re effectively getting a great quality coffee for €1.

Barbara had her beautiful and very well behaved baby Dylan with her, and he was made very welcome; as you’d expect for Dundrum, this is a child-friendly cafe.

Adding in a macchiato, the total bill came to €14.85. For something light or just for coffee if you’re sucked into the Dundrum vortex, I’d definitely go back to Mimo.

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  1. Cortina’s, the Mexican place in Dundrum, is also a winner. Free refills of tortilla chips and dips and yummy margaritas!