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  1. I don’t know Junior’s but will never set a foot in La Peniche ever again. The food was awful, the noise level horrendous, the “cruise” was a joke and while service wasn’t bad, they forgot my dessert. Considering the price of that “experience”, I am not willing to find out whether they have cleaned up their act.

  2. This is interesting. They make La Peniche sound so attractive on the website I was very tempted recently. Thanks for the heads up, Maria!

  3. Hmmm…maybe I was wrong and La Peniche hasn’t cleaned up its act. That meal last year was indescribable – believe me, I tried!

  4. but to get back to the point of this point, Junior’s is AMAZING! Gorgeously prepared fresh food, perfect size portions, lovely staff and blankets. Where can you go wrong?!. Have had the bowl of clams, the chorizo and scallops, and partner had the steak there too – all were delicious.
    Brunch is also excellent there at weekends but v hard to get a table.
    Love the place!

  5. Yes. Result for Juniors. Went on a family night out there a while ago and loved it. Excellent staff, lovely food. Being an annoying vegany type there was not so much, save the risotto (minus the cheese, I know, people, I know) but the wild mushrooms were bountiful and plentiful, and mushful. A minor gripe is that I would have like more greenery options though, but understand that am what most carnivores call “a pain in the arse to feed” so …

    Paulie’s is next stop on my dining forage around Beggars Bush.

    Well done Juniors!

  6. LOVE Juniors .. it has been fabulous everytime I’ve been there! I have yet to try Paulie’s Pizza but I have heard great reviews from friends!

  7. I was back in Junior’s the other day and have to mention how amazing the Mississipi Mud Pie is, even better than the cheesecake, which I didn’t think was possible. Amazing.