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  1. I totally agree: sweet chilli sauce should be ILLEGAL. I have no idea why it’s so popular. Gross gross gross.

  2. When work parties advertise “finger food supplied”, I always have something to eat before I go. Or I stick to a bag of peanuts. Anything but deep fried mushrooms in batter or sticky chili chicken wings.

  3. +1

    I feel ill just reading “beige rainbow”.

  4. I feel obliged to defend sweet chilli sauce, it can be awesome, especially with mayonaise, but certainly there do need to be more options available.
    Maybe little cups of soup, nom nom nom

  5. For shame, but two things I do only twice a year are eat deep fried beige crap and drink beer. Both of these things happen at Christmas and I cant wait for my first taste of breaded goo that I can’t quite identify. (The other ocassion is the Electric Picnic 😀 )

    Sweet chili sauce is disgusting all year round though.

  6. The best use for sweet chilli sauce is with some grilled, melting, strong cheddar cheese on toast. There, it’s actually rather good.