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M&S Dine in for two, August 25-30

M&S is spilling out of my freezer since I decided it was stupid not to pick up three dine-in for two deals every fortnight. I figure I’d get through around three bottles of wine every two weeks, so for an extra euro or so I’m getting a whackload of food – making it cheaper than any other dinner option.

But I can’t get through it all, and I’m running out of space. I’m also slightly concerned that, delicious though it is, M&S ready meals and desserts can’t be enormously healthy. Time to start paying attention to those labels.

To the point: The M&S Dine In for Two for €12.50 returns today, runs until Tuesday, and includes steak, paella, and mussels in garlic. Full menu on the M&S website.

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