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Query: Dublin’s best dinners

Fallon & ByrneHey folks, I’m putting together an article on Dublin’s best value meals for a different publication. Some of the places I plan to name include The Exchequer, Hilan, Fallon and Byrne, Le Bon Crubeen, Early birds in Shanahan’s and Chapter One, lunch in One Pico, The Hop House, Green 19, Cafe Bliss, The Larder, burritos in Pablo Picante’s, Burritos and Blues, and Boojum.

I’ve a few more places in mind, but I’m interested in reader feedback on this one. What’s your favourite deal in Dublin, and why?


  1. The Market Bar on Fade St does a great deal of two small tapas and a glass of wine or soft drink for €14. The tapas are actually quite big and two is loads for one person. They are usually €8 each, so this deal works out to be great value.

  2. Perhaps lower-fi than you’re looking for but there’s a stall in the Epicurean Centre on Abbey St that does the most amazingly huge and delicious baked potatoes. Used to be called Moonstar but has just changed its name to Bangkok Noodles (it still sells the potatoes). It’s between €5 & €7 for a spud depending on what you want on it.
    Unbeatable good value and it’ll fill you for days!! 🙂
    Lots of other good options in the centre too.

  3. Thanks, hi-fi and low-fi all fits the bill! 🙂

  4. Yamamori lunch box, with rice, miso soup and juice, for €10. Haven’t seen better anywhere!

  5. Ciao Bella Roma. Early bird is a starter, main and a glass of wine for €8.95. Outstanding value. Lovely freshly made pizzas. The food is very simple but good. The wine is not great but drinkable. Always full of Italian folk – must be a good sign.

  6. The Port House- great value tapas and a great atmosphere for romantic dinners 🙂

  7. I do work there so it may appear that I’m biased but I think Odessa’s Fivers. Soul Food and Early Bird menus are really, really good value and very tasty.

  8. Ochos: 3 tapas and a glass of wine for €15 in Ranelagh.

    Locks Brasserie: €19 early bird/all night M – W. Great deal.

    M&L on Cathedral St – still best Chinese in Dublin.

    Really good value: €5 Chicken Biriyani in Madina on Mary St near the Church Bar.

  9. I second Ciao Bella Romas €8.95 deal & Odessa Fivers. I’d also like to add The Larder’s Steak & chips for a tenner when you buy one other thing. Its a decent portion, delicious meat & home made chips.

  10. plus 1 for Ochos, also Alfies (south williams st) have a great lunch box deal for €10 which includes a soft drink!

  11. +1 for the Yamamori lunch deal, it’s fantastic, and also for Ciao Bella Roma

  12. Oh, one more! Soup Dragon on Capel Street, €5 lunch deal of soup, bread and a piece of fruit. And it’s amazing!

  13. Whoops, the Soup Dragon deal is €3, not €5.

  14. Patrick Guilbaud’s lunch special is at the higher end but represent’s great value considering the experience on offer.

  15. Passion4food has excellent shish meals with salad and rice/bread for 6 euro and is better than Zaytoon in my opinion. Chicken wings are great as well for 3.90

    The rest is standard takeaway fare but the above are excellent

  16. Passion4food on Clanbrassil St. has excellent shish meals with salad and rice/bread for 6 euro and is better than Zaytoon in my opinion. Chicken wings are great as well for 3.90

    The rest is standard takeaway fare but the above are excellent

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  18. I think any meal in jo’burger is really good value – given the quality of ingredients and combinations.

  19. seagrass portobello bridge, consistenly good food, early bird all week and byob, no corkage!!

  20. The Trocadero Pre Theatre has to be one of my favourite deals in Dublin, great value at 24E for three courses, particularly good main course of duck, and you get the exact same as if you were eating a la carte! Great way to dine out in style but keep to a budget

  21. Speaking for myself, I prefer the “Early Bird” all night, even if only some days of the week, to the Early Bird where you actually have to eat at 630pm.

  22. Good to see Hilan and Hop House in there, but try the restaurant in the back of Han Yang Supermarket at 22 Great Strand st. D1. Very tasty–I have the Pork Labb, whereas the kids like the big bowl of homemade wontons in soup. Nothing over 7 euro. Also, Mandarin House on Parnell St.

  23. Il Vicoletto on Crow Street. It’s a hidden Italian gem, service is excellent, food is lovely, and they have a decent early bird (16-17euro for two courses, or 24 for three)