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  1. What about the Pablo Picante in Clarendon Market? (round the corner from Peter’s Pub) Central, and has seats? I’m in agreement with you btw – I prefer both Pablo Picante & Boojum!

  2. Am a fan of the burrito. I think Pablo Picante does the best, with special note for the tasty salsas, always difficult to choose between the ‘super picante’ really delivering a punch, and the ‘smokie’ having amazing flavour.

    Of note however, the drinks prices are IMHO quite expensive and the prices not noted anywhere. Beware uhsuspecting customer. Pay 5 something for your burritto and almost 4 for your drink. Ouch. Try ordering tap water in there and you will meet much resistance.

  3. Best burritos in town I reckon! You can’t choose your fillings in Pablos, and the sauce sometimes taste like tuna! Soft drinks are only 1.50 in burritos and blues, but beers might be a bit expensive but they have Blue Moon! Nice

  4. Boojum is the best I think. The Chciken Fajita is delicious

  5. You can’t get quesadillas in Boojum or Pablo P’s, so that’s an upside of B&Bs. Plus, there seems to be custom for all three.

    Burrito joints, together with Italian wine bars, seem to be growth industries in the Dublin downturn. More of both, please.

  6. As pointed out you can sit down in Pablo’s at Clarendon Market, for me Pablo’s and Boojum are certainly the best, you can’t beat a good burrito!

  7. I had a really unpleasant quesadilla in Burritos and Blues a few weeks ago. Kind of partially warm, partially cold, and about as close to Mexican (or even Tex-Mex) as a sweet chilli and coleslaw wrap. Disappointing.