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Greek Buffet at the Epicurean Food Hall

Ramos Greek Buffet

Ramos Greek Buffet

I had a good lunch today but should add two caveats before I launch into my recommendation: I know very little about Greek food, and I have a filthy cold.  So my taste buds may not be entirely reliable today.

There’s loads of Chinese buffets in Dublin city centre now, but the food is often a little bit greasy for my taste.  There is an interesting alternative available in the Epicurean Food Hall on Abbey St – Ramos Greek Restaurant and Mezze Bar does a buffet for €9.50.

ramos-greek02The food was good – a decent moussaka, various Greek stews, chicken skewers, spanakopita (I think), scented rice.  Lots of warm flavours of cumin and cinnamon that soothed my horrible cold.  The cold buffet had some really good tzatziki, hummus and chilli sauce, stuffed vine leaves and salad.  The chips and a few other things were a bit oily, but that’s pretty standard for buffets.  It’s a good spot for a big hearty feed up (the €9.50 gets you all you can eat) on a cold day like today.


  1. That buffet is always jammers busy, it must be good!
    You can’t beat the FUll House Chinese Buffet down the road from the Epicurean foodhall too (about two doors down from The Academy) – under a tenner for all you can eat and very good quality chinese food.
    The staff are always friendly and it’s always really busy which is testament to how good it is.

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  3. Greek foods are like asian foods, they are both tangy and very spicy.-‘”