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Product Review: Foods of Athenry

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with this review, foods of athenry make the most delicous brown breads and cakes ive ever tasted, its worth every penny, yum yum yum!!

  2. I’ve been eating Foods of Athenry foods ever since Siobhan and Paul started in business. Their mince pies this Christmas were absolutely delicious, their seeded bread has more seeds than anyone else’s, their tea brack is only delicious (especially toasted and buttered), and they really care about providing great food from the best ingredients. They are conscious of people with food intolerances. Better still, they use recyclable packaging where possible, so it’s minimal environmental impact and maximum taste!

  3. as i am a coeliac im very interested in finding ur produce in shops in westmeath please

  4. If only fresh produce is used how are they able to produce rhubarb tarts all year round? rhubarb is seasonal if I’m not mistaken. Packaging is very good, very inviting, but I’m afraid what’s inside doesn’t match up

  5. Joe: frozen rhubarb, may be?

  6. Definitely not what I’d class as ‘cheap eats’ – very expensive products, and quality varies!

    Love the tea brack and brown bread, but the apple tart I had last week was horrific – the pastry was like sawdust. Nobody in the house wanted to finish it…similar to the mince pies we bought at Christmas; overpriced and disappointing.

    I don’t think I’ll be purchasing FOA products again – just too expensive, and not worth the splurge.