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Review: Delphi Mountain Resort

about-delphiNow, before you all go screaming about this not being a cheap eat, I know. I know. Nonetheless, I’d saved up all my pennies for many months and managed to scrape together enough to treat myself to a few nights B&B, dinner, and spa treatments in the remote getaway that is Delphi Mountain Resort.

From the moment you get there, the nasty world of constant bombardment disappears. Delphi is surrounded on all sides by mountains, forest, and water. There’s no TVs in the rooms, and there’s almost no mobile phone coverage.

Once I got over the initial PANIC! at being seperated from my phone, I blissed out. The rooms are gorgeous, the hotel staff are genuinely lovely, and the spa is spectacular. But it’s the food you’ll want to hear about.

image0223I’d heard it was good, but I was genuinely taken aback by just how good. It’s simplicity itself, based entirely on good ingredients. My pear and blue cheese salad was perfectly balanced, while a sumptous main of lamb came with a wonderful croquette. Croquette? Normally the lowest order of potato, but this was a dream: a ball of creamy mashed potato wrapped in a crisp layer of breadcrumbs. So, the next night, we went back for more: a breast of duck with a piquant redcurrant sauce.

All dishes came with the most simple sides of vegetables, whose freshness spoke for themselves. It’s €39 for two courses and €49 for three. There was also a lovely selection of bar food for lunches and lighter dinners.

I was genuinely upset to leave, as I know it’ll be some time before I can afford anything like this again. But I’ll be back in a heartbeat when another break is on the cards. Next year, I hope!


  1. Sounds wonderful What treatments did you go for and what price were they Im thinking of giving myself a break but need spa treatments for sure

  2. Looks and sounds fantastic. Prove me right???

  3. As it happens, I’m heading west for New Year’s, and I’ve always wanted to visit Delphi – Serendipity!

  4. What a treat! And the lack of mobile phone coverage just adds to it. Would love to revisit the place, it’s been 15 years and it sounds a little different now!

  5. At six and a half months pregnant, I suspect it’s going to be a quieter Christmas than normal this year for my hubbie and I but we would love nothing more than some R&R in this beautiful part of the world before my little bundle of joy arrives in March!

  6. The Delphi Resort looks absolutely fabulous! A winter wonderland in Ireland!

  7. Have 3 small kids, (4,2,1), have the mother in law staying the week before Xmas, then have French visitors coming to stay over Xmas while working full time too. This break would be so nice for myself and himself to spend quality time together.

  8. If i posted all the reasons why i should win you would not believe me.

  9. im already booked to delphi for weekend of 19th – just imagine if it all came free …… even if i dont win im looking forward to going there and i will blog ( brag ) on my return………

  10. I would happily wind down here for 2 nights, relaxing away the January blues and devouring what sounds like a delicious menu of food… hhhmmm (Bliss)

  11. Would love to have this wonderful trip to look forward to in 2010.

    Hoping I am in with a shout.

    Merry Christmas!!!!


  12. what a fantastic prize!!!a truly beautiful place

  13. Great place, Great food. Who wouldn’t need that after the budget from Hell!

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