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Product Review: Paul Rankin Pie

rankinWe’re moving house this week and there’s a million and one things to do. The kitchen is mostly packed away and even if I could cook I’m just too tired.

So I nipped into Dunnes to get some quick and preferably healthy convenience food that I could just bung in the oven. I came across the Peppered Venison and Mushroom Pie by Paul Rankin which looked fairly tempting.

I have a secret fondness for pies but would always avoid the lame and soggy looking ones that are usually on offer in supermarkets – way too grisly. This however boasted no preservatives, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, no E numbers and no MSG so it was looking good.

It was very tasty indeed, the meat was minced and although it didn’t taste of venison much, it had a lovely herby peppery flavour. With a puff pastry top and a short-crust base, it was a steal at €2.50 for a 200g pie – really good value. I served it with potato and celeriac mash and gravy.

If someone had said to me “Do you want a cheap pie?”, I would have said “I’ll pass thanks” but this was a real winner.


  1. These are really gorgeous, there is always one in the freezer for an emergency. The chicken one is tasty too.

  2. ooh, passed this over in dunnes recently, maybe i should try one. as far as i remember they were bogof.

  3. They are buy one get one free at the moment in Dunnes, that’s €1.25 for a decent pie!

  4. Was buying Paul Rankin pies in Dunnes in Thurles. Found them gorgeous. But they no longer stock them. Is there anywhere that i can buy them now.