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Product review: Guzzle Puzzle

Guzzle Puzzle is for kids, right? So when, oddly, a few packets of The Natural Confectionary Company’s new product arrived in my letterbox from a PR company, I figured I’d ask my nephew for his opinion. Here’s his view:

Guzzle Puzzle Review

By Jacob Haskins, aged 9

Guzzle Puzzle tastes exactly like Jelly Worms, made by the same company. Most people I know love them, but I do not like them at all.

When you mix them, they’re supposed to give different flavours. But I do not think they taste like the flavours they say they do. Raspberry + lime does not make pink lemonade, orange + banana does not make bubblegum, and lime + cinnamon does not make cola. I’d eat them plain, rather than mix the flavours. If I want a cola sweet, I will eat a proper cola sweet like a cola bottle.

I don’t really like Guzzle Puzzles but I would eat them if someone gave them to me.

So, there you have it, from the kid’s mouth…


  1. brilliant……alot of long winded food critics could learn from him!!!!i too have tried them and was baffled by the lime and cinnamon makes cola theory!!!

  2. I have tried them and while I like them, agree they dont make the flavours they say they do.

    I prefer the Random Sweets