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  1. I have to say that I do like the Tesco version, nice and tangy and I find that when I get it out and about in Zaytoon or Keshk it just doesn’t have the bite I like. Have been going on about making my own for ages so may get around to that in the near future.

  2. I prefer the Tesco caramelised onion version, if you can get it. Their usual brand hurts my tongue with all the acidity!

  3. I made it awhile back- the recipe called for far too much Tahini and I was left with a very heavy, dry hummus. I must give this one a go. I like it relatively runny and tangy. Can it be frozen?

  4. Where can you get Tahini paste, looked in all the usual supermarkets Dunnes/Tesco/S-quinn, but couldn’t find it?
    Maybe I’m looking in wrong aisle, what’s it usually with? Ta!

  5. CBB: I got it in an Asian shop on Moore Street.

  6. I usually buy Tahini paste in Middlle Eastern stores but I think I’ve seen it in Superquinn – not sure what aisle.

    You can freeze hummus as long as it’s wrapped well. Hummus is already gloopy, and freezing will just make it a bit gloopier but still tasty.

  7. I recently made hummus for the first time – so cheap and easy! Before my chili plant died I used to chuck a chili in the blender too. Yum. If your hummus is too think or dry just add a little water. Works a treat.

  8. We’re about to do a blind tasting of M&S (€1.49) versus Fallon & Byrne (€4.29) hummus in the office.

    I’ll keep you posted as to the results

  9. I must change jobs, we never get to do anything like that 🙁

  10. Works well with butter beans instead of chick peas. Add chilli and coriander to the mix!

  11. “Reading on BBC online, it appears that the latest conflict between Lebanon and Israel is all about hummus – please note that’s hummus not Hamas.”

    Bruno had that argument too.

    Hummus is the ultimate food. I don’t say that lightly.

  12. M&S do a fantastic Moroccan one with whole chickpeas and a sort of spicy sauce on the top.

    Has anyone tasted Greek fava? It’s similar but made from puréed yellow split peas – very simple, served warm with parsley, chopped red onion and olive oil. Fab.

  13. I’ve had fava in Greece made with yellow lentils, very good indeed.

    Lar Veale – any news on the M&S (€1.49) versus Fallon & Byrne (€4.29) hummus versus Godzilla. I need closure.