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Bangkok street food, Diep at Home


  1. you should try sawadee in rathgar they do great takeaway their pad thai is lovely.

  2. you should try sawadee in terenure they do great takeaway their pad thai is lovely.

  3. hum, the menu is very tempting (might have to do with the fact that I am starving!), but I can’t find their delivery charges?

  4. Is Tak Tai really any good? It’s around the corner from me, but just never got the urge to eat from it. I love Saba, Diep etc… so how would you rate it against those?

  5. Hi Tony. I’ve never had a bad meal some there, and when my friends and I first discovered it we thought we’d found the holy grail of Thai food. It was head and shoulders above any Thai food we’d ever had in Ireland. Since then, two of them, on seperate occasions, have had to throw out their food because it was “inedible.” I’m still enthralled, but for others, it seems a little hit and miss. I’ll do a full review over the next few months.

  6. I’m afraid I can’t recommend the Blackrock branch to anyone. Diep at Home in Blackrock is one of those places I’d love to love, and I really gave it several chances to prove itself. The menu is interesting, the prices are reasonable, and it looks quick. Unfortunately none of the food I’ve had from the Blackrock branch has been good enough at all, and it isn’t particularly quick either. In Blackrock we’re lucky to have an excellent Asian restaurant, Chi, and their takeaways are head and shoulders above Diep at Home (though more expensive). Diep at Home, for me, have expended the supply of chances I’ll give to a restaurant.

  7. I loved the food from Diep when you used to order it in the Diep Noodle bar in Ranelagh. I did try the Diep at Home, Ranelagh a number of times when it opened but eventually gave up on it.

    In my opinion the food (taken-away) from the restaurant was far superior to that produced in the take-away shop. Also tried Blackrock but even more disappointed with that.

    Now I’ve discoverd Kanum near Baggot Street Bridge and am finding myself returning to it again and again.

  8. Thanks Peter.
    Will give a go and see I guess. Can only try! 🙂

  9. Only coming across this blog now and have to disagree with the comments about Diep At Home in Blackrock. I order from them regularly and always have a really good meal. Chi around the corner uses a lot of MSG and i know that from the minute i taste their food. I think Diep is above the rest in quality and taste.