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  1. I think the way the food is arranged in superquin makes it the best!

  2. I used to love our local Superquinn. Delighted I an buy online now!

  3. I like the in-store bakery, always close to entrance.

  4. I love the superquinn range.. really good quality & fantastic prices…long may it continue

  5. SuperQuinn the best – it outsells all the rest

  6. Amazing bread and deli meat.

  7. love superquinn their ranges are delicious

  8. my favourite supermarket , beats them all hands down !

  9. best doughnuts and fresh bread, yumm

  10. Yumm superquinn cakes!!

  11. the bread is delicious and the stores themselves are the most visually pleasing off all irish supermarkets

  12. I love Superquinn! There’s a genuine sense of quality when you walk in the store and I like that they now offer their own brand ranges. Improving choice and prices!

  13. Love their bread, and great selection of cheeses.

  14. Is 217 the lucky random number?
    If so the prize will be spent on those lovely cakes….

  15. Love their bakery! mmm

  16. Great selection of products!! i love their cakes

  17. I think the range of products has disimproved since Fergal Quinn has left

  18. Quite Impressed with their value change quality good for everything I’ve tried

  19. always best for eurosavers!

  20. I love Superquinn Sausages! NOthing else beats them !

  21. Just thinking of the superquinn bakery makes my mouth water!

  22. top quality food and customer service.

  23. Not only is the selection in SQ the best there is, but it feels good to be shopping in an Irish owned store. Plus they always stock the most Irish-made goods.
    I have one right beside me in Limerick when I’m in college, but when I’m back home in Mayo, there are none close by. That’s the only negative thing I could say about SQ.

  24. Oh, that would be lovely!

  25. Fresh Meat and Fish in Superquinn is always great quality. So are their whole-foods.

  26. Love SQ, the best shop in town, great selection of great food!

  27. I like Superquinn products, I think the quality is good – some variation in the ready meals / ready appetisers section would be good as novelty always appeals!

  28. I don’t live near a Superquinn but I have got online delivery from them – excellent service and the web site is really easy to navigate. Best of luck to me!

  29. Yours staff are super and with your great prices you are on to a winner

  30. i always enjoy shopping at Superquinn, the food is always the best quality and fresh, the range of goods give me the best choice possilbe, go team Superquinn,, keep up the good work,

  31. Clean stores, trained staff, great choice & great special offers

  32. love to shop at Superquinn, the best qualiy and fresh goods, and the choice of goods are brill, go team Superquinn..

  33. great supermarket [proper range and choice of stuff, little more expensive tho

  34. By far the best fruit and veg from a supermarket in Dublin, not to mention the very good specials on at the fish counter in the Ranelagh store – if they could sort out their low stock levels on certain things and possibly introduce a proper, signposted ”Gluten Free” section they’d be on to a world beater.

  35. wish there were more superquinns in the southlands

  36. Best Cakes than other supermarket!

  37. Its always a treat to buy their brands.

  38. Quality, extensive and affordable. Thumbs up!

  39. Superquinns – sooooooo much better than Tesco or Dunnes. Nicer bread, nicer staff, nicer everything.

  40. Superquinn, it doesn’t matter what you say, it’s still the best!

  41. Look forward to trying out the new range at Superquinn

  42. Can always depend on their brand,

  43. More Great stuff from Superquinn

  44. Top quality food

  45. best sausages in the land!!

  46. always has fresh stock in store

  47. Looking forward to trying some of their new brands.

  48. Best meat and fish around

  49. they have the best sausages