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  1. back in my carnivore days i had wayu beef several times and yes it usually was super expensive but oh so worth it….i had it in burger form in oz once and i swear i licked the plate clean…..great as a very occassional treat but like u i couldnt justify having it regularly!!

  2. I could totally go for this, but I love extravagant purchases. Could I think of 1,000 things I’d rather spend €25 on? Probably. But whenever I think like that, I remind myself that I used to smoke and that €25 is just three boxes of cigarettes! (You’d be surprised the number of things one can justify in this fashion.) I now want a kobe beef burger, and I’m just finished my overpriced Mexican.

  3. Good wings in Gourmet Burger Company, same as the E&C/Tribeca vibe but cheaper as far as i’m aware.