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Review: Wak Inn, Dublin city

Fast food makes me sad, mostly.

But sometimes it’s necessary, whether you want it or not. Like a few months ago when I was running late for a gig and jumped off the bus only to remember I’d forgotten to eat. My options were narrow: burger or kebab. As a hoity-toity option I could have a cheap falafel, or a burrito.

Then I spotted the Wak Inn, a take-away noodle bar opposite the Break for the Border pub on Stephen’s Street. The food comes in a little square box. Perfect, because I could eat and run at the same time.

The menu is simple:

  • €5 for noodles with beef or chicken
  • €5 for Thai curry with beef or chicken and Thai rice
  • €4.50 for Thai vegetable curry or vegetable noodles
  • €5.50 for prawn curry/ noodles
  • €2.50 for spring rolls

I’ve eaten here a few times now. The noodles are particularly good: full of flavour and very filling. The curry is nice although it’s not spicy at all, which will suit some people more than others. I’d avoid having the chicken in my noodles or curry – it’s ok, but a little bit rubbery and dry.

Wak Inn also has a weekly lunchtime special.

One Comment

  1. The spring rolls are delicious, you get two for 2.50 and they’re huge. Enough for a light lunch!