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Valentine’s Deals: Centra and M&S

Do Centra's deals smell of roses?

What’s on offer this Valentine’s Day?

Centra have a deal: a a bottle of wine (San Valentino Pinot Grigio/Marques De Atillo Rioja) with a dozen roses or a bottle of wine with a romantic DVD, all for €10. The DVD selection includes lots of Matthew McConaughey, as well as Eat, Pray, Love, where a spoilt, over-privileged stabbing pain in the neck whines about how she deserves to have all her whims fulfilled, and must pursue her happiness at everyone else’s expenses, and… Sorry. I got carried away. Anyway, the selection isn’t all bad: Knocked Up and Forgetting Sarah Marshall are in the selection, and there’s a few decent rom-coms in the mix.

Centra also have a Valentine’s bundle: a packet of Lir Chocolate Truffles and one Valentines Day Card for €5.

Over at M&S, there’s no €12.50 deal this week. Instead, there’s a Valentine’s offer: pick up the dine in for two – starter, main, side, dessert, bottle of wine or juice, and a box of chocolates – for €25. So, due to the addition of a box of chocolates and a starter, it’s double the price.

It’s a particularly good menu this week: Coquilles Saint-Jacques (scallops), prawns, crab, camembert, and antipasti among the starters; duck, steak, seabass, and lamb leg steak among the mains; lots of chocolate for dessert; and Zinfandel and Cava among the wines. So it might be worth twice the price. Full menu on the M&S website.

What do you think? Are these good deals? Should Valentine’s Day be completely ignored in the hope that it’ll go away, or are you a romantic old sucker?


  1. My boyfriend is just back from M&S Grafton St and said it’s complete pandemonium in there today, fights breaking out and everything. Haha, people really feeling the love this Valentine’s Day. What a swizz. That menu sounds delicious though!

  2. Starter and Box of chocolates for the extra price, but it’s very fishy menu!

  3. I forbid my husband to get me anything for Valentine’s day. I DO NOT want to fuel this marketing powered crap. We’ve been together 12 years and have always offered each others small gifts and tokens of love. He gets me flowers, I buy him chocolates but never, ever, on a specific day. It just screams “I only care on the 14th, you can go back to the dirty dishes the rest of the year”. And M&S offer is not great

  4. My girl friend and me recently visited for a dinner at taste matters on a Friday evening. The menu lists about half dozen starters and eight or ten main courses. Starters include two soups, the chowder and French onion soup, as well as a home made pate, duck spring roll fish cakes or a house salad with Feta cheese, bacon and roasted beetroot. Main courses offer a confit duck, slow cooked lamb shank, a fish medley of salmon, sea bass and cod, tagliatelle pasta , a fillet Mignon or pork roulade. In the end Deirdre decided on the pate followed by the confit duck, while I picked the French onion soup followed by the pork roulade. Any ways Irish food is always rocking.

  5. Sounds interesting Arrons – where is this place Taste Matters?

  6. Oh, you can avoid the commercialisation and still celebrate St. Valentine’s day! We’re having a bottle of Taittinger saved from when Tesco had it at half price, and a nice dinner at home by the fire, with the first few daffs from the garden decorating the table.