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Gourmet Burger Kitchen

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I had lunch in the Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Temple Bar this weekend, and got a very tasty burger indeed. They have a very extensive menu, and most burgers are around the €10 mark.  Mine was a hangover-friendly Cajun burger

What was good:

The burger was really good quality, as were the condiments that were on it. Mine had an interesting and nicely hot Cajun relish.

The service was very good.

What was bad:

They charge you extra for chips.  I know this is common practice with gourmet burger restaurants, but I still think it’s a bit of a swizz.  The chips in the Gourmet Burger Kitchen were nice, but they weren’t hand-cut or skin on or any of the usual tricks that fancy burger places use to fool you into paying €4 for about two potatoes.

My meal came in at around €16 for a burger, chips and a large coke…do you think that’s reasonable? Are gourmet burgers generally too expensive?


  1. Was there myself last Saturday. I think the concept is great and have eaten in a couple of their outlets in London but had a bit of an issue with the chips too. We ordered 2 portions and only ate half of one between us, they’re not great either, I was expecting hand cut chips, don’t know why? The burgers are good though and well worth the money, now if only they would come to Limerick:)

  2. Hi Italian Foodie! I agree that a really good burger is worth spending a bit on, but the chips thing annoys me. Burgers and chips go together, it’s like charging for tea and milk separately!

  3. The only thing is, for those of us who aren’t particularly pushed about chips, rarely order them and just want a burger, it’s nice for it to be optional…the real problem is the amount that’s usually charged for ’em!

  4. People who aren’t pushed about chips? What kind of unspeakable deviants are these? 😉

  5. I’ve been in the Naas branch of GBK a good few times when I’ve been working in the area, and half the time I swear I’ll never go again, but always end up going back simply because I can’t find anywhere else to go at 6pm in the evening…

    I usually go for the lentil burger (don’t really eat red meat) and it is delicious – I go for the mini version which doesn’t come with lettuce, relish, tomato or onion. That means I have to pay for relish – still, it works out cheaper and it’s really not that much different in size, but is a few quid less.
    But they do charge €1.50 for extra sauces/relish which adds up when you have two people eating.

    You’re right about the chips – they’re horrible. They don’t have any redeeming features and cost a fortune – I really think charging separately for chips is ridiculous.

    I’ve had the green salad once or twice, but it’s horrendously overpriced – literally a small bowl of green leaves for nearly €4! I sent it back last time as it was all dry and horrible. They didn’t charge me for it.

    In all, I go back because of that lovely lentil burger (trust me, it’s delish) but I do think it is a bit of a rip off. If you avoid paying through the nose for soft drinks and get a small burger instead of a large one you can save a few quid, but share the chips ‘cos there’s no way you’ll finish a bowl!

  6. I had lunch in GBK (Gourmet Burger me a*s*) yesterday and it was awful. Bad food, bad service. They brought me the wrong burger. When I asked about my order they brought a separate tiny plastic cup of peanut butter (it was meant to be satay sauce) and barely apologised. The chips were hard and got cold very quickly and their own recipe coleslaw was very oily and tasteless.